Mod:[AESCIPISGS] Prod: Aeta Audio
Not Available Price: 3.900,00€ + VAT
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With SCOOPY+ you never lose a story, as this lightweight codec not only transmits from everywhere to everywhere, it also offers recording and editing functions. Before transmitting, you screen all wired and wireless telecommunication systems at hand and select the best interface available. And as its rechargeable batteries last for more than five hours you can still report when most others have to look for an electrical outlet.


Technical Highlights

  • All common algorithms, AAC included
  • Supports HD-Voice service (AMR-WB)
  • IP interface for SIP/AoIP+VoIP
  • Highly integrated unit
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces
  • High performance audio interfaces
  • Compliant with EBU Tech 3326
  • Inmarsat BGAN integrated application
  • Recording functions (internal/external/transfer)
  • Webserver with enhanced functions
  • Integrated network analysis tools
  • USB host and client function: USB audio = built-in soundcard
  • 2 stereo headphones
  • Records and stores audio file (SD / SDHC cards)
  • 3 x Mic / Line-in (limiter per channel); 2 x line-out

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