Remote Audio SPEAKEASYv3a - 9 Volt Battery-Powered Speaker

Mod:[RASPKEAS3A] Prod: Remote Audio
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Remote Audio SPEAKEASYv3a - 9 Volt Battery-Powered Speaker

The SPEAKEASYv3a is a self-contained, compact, high quality, battery-powered speaker with tons of versatility. Give this little guy two 9-volt batteries and you're good for a full production day or more of audio or instrument monitoring and communication situations, with high fidelity and lots of volume.

The SPEAKEASYv3a advances the series to a new level of performance, delivering much more volume than earlier models. Its newly designed 12-Watt amplifier is loud - with more than enough volume for typical remote broadcast production, film/video production sound carts, video assist carts, and portable editing systems.

The SPEAKEASYv3a has two inputs (Line & Mic) and a master volume control/power switch conveniently located on the front. Solidly made with a cast aluminum enclosure, the SPEAK EASY v3a is small enough to hide on the set and rugged enough to pack in a case with the rest of your gear. The SPEAKEASY's drivers are magnetically shielded, allowing operation near video monitors without distorting the picture.

Typical Uses

  • Use on your sound cart to listen without headphones
  • Ideal for video assist carts
  • Plug them into your notebook computer for remote editing
  • Program monitoring for remote radio and television broadcasts
  • Plant it in an antique radio prop so the actors have actual audio to react to
  • Plant it in a car during tow scenes and the director can talk to the actors (when interfaced with the Remote Audio push-to-talk BoomBox)
  • Plant it inside a piano with a wireless receiver for realistic track playback
  • Place it anywhere in a studio or set for cueing and stage announce.
  • After wrap, back in your room, a stereo cable turns a pair of SPEAKEASYs into a great personal iPod stereo system.
  • The REMOTE AUDIO SPEAKEASYv3a will operate on two 9V batteries for a full day of typical intermittent use. It will also operate from an external 9-18VDC power source on its coaxial power connector (center pin positive). The internal battery is switched out of circuit when external power is plugged in, so there is no need to remove the battery when using external power.

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